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Yinka appears in his first major film role in the Award winning ‘A Moving Image’, by Shola Amoo

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Yinka plays ‘Big Ben’ the award winning A Moving Image which was selected for the London Film Festival (3 sold out shows), LA Film Festival (sold out world premiere), the Urbanworld Festival in NYC and in Philadelphia Blackstar Festival where it won an award. It’s also won a BFI Vision Award.

A Moving Image Trailer (2016) from Shola Amoo on Vimeo.

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett – H&M Magical Holidays

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It was fun being part of the big band and rocking with Gaga and Tony … vie CGI! 🙂

ABSOLUT “Locals” internet viral

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An internet viral campaign by Absolut.

ABSOLUT "Locals" internet viral – ft. HEADNOD Musicians from HeadNod London on Vimeo.

James Arthur – You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You – Video & Behind the Scenes

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This went to No.2 in the UK Charts, 16 Million views and counting.

Behind the Scenes – interview with the super cute Jameela Jamil

Hammer Of The Gods

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Yinka appears as an ‘African Picht Guard’ in the 2014 film ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ from the makers of ‘Bronson’ and ‘The Sweeney’

Argos Christmas with Bing Crosby

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Screened on National UK TV – terrestrial, cable and satellite.


New Music – So High

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Sabatta - So High

‘It’s just our natural chemistry…”

Sabatta – So High from Sabatta on Vimeo.

Listen to ‘So High’ on Soundcloud by Sabatta

She’s making me high again! Climb the mountain with us and enjoy the view!

This one’s kinda like Fela Kuti meets Kyuss – Google ’em!

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Yinka – Mcdonalds – Wraps!

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Ad I did back in May 2010 for Mcdonalds chicken wraps. One hand can do ANYTHING!

Yinka_Wraps from Sabatta on Vimeo.

Kopparberg Cider

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Screened in UK Cinemas

Drink responsibly…

Yinka – Evo Music Rooms

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Screened on UK national TV – Channel 4
‘Evo Music Rooms mate’…


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