*NEW* ‘Wah-Wah’ T-Shirt – Red b

To Err is Human To Wah is Divine - red b
Sabatta ‘Wah Wah’ T-Shirt – Red

*NEW* ‘Wah-Wah’ T-Shirt – Red w

To Err is Human To Wah is Divine - red w
Sabatta ‘Wah Wah’ T-Shirt – Red (white)

*NEW* ‘Wah-Wah’ T-Shirt – White

To Err is Human To Wah is Divine - white
Sabatta ‘Wah Wah’ T-Shirt – White

*NEW* ‘Wah-Wah’ T-Shirt – Black

To Err is Human To Wah is Divine - black
Sabatta ‘Wah Wah’ T-Shirt – Black

*NEW* ‘Wah-Wah’ T-Shirt – Grey

To Err is Human To Wah is Divine - grey
Sabatta ‘Wah Wah’ T-Shirt – Grey

‘F Injustice!’ T-Shirt – Black

'F Injustice!' T-Shirt - Black
Sabatta ‘F Injustice’ T-Shirt – Black

‘F Injustice!’ T-Shirt – White

'F Injustice!' T-Shirt - White
Sabatta ‘F Injustice’ T-Shirt – White

‘F Injustice!’ T-Shirt – Grey

'F Injustice!' T-Shirt - Grey
Sabatta ‘F Injustice’ T-Shirt – Grey

‘F Injustice!’ T-Shirt – Red

'F Injustice!' T-Shirt - Red
Sabatta ‘F Injustice’ T-Shirt – Red

Sabatta ‘Roxploitation’ T-Shirt – Black

In the spirit of the age of Classic era rock ‘n’ roll (1960s and 70s) and Blaxploitation movies we bring you the ‘Roxploitation’ T-shirt. Bringing together genres and vibes just like we do in a our music! It doesn’t get much cooler than this! £20 (excluding shipping)

Sabatta – ‘Roxploitation’ Black

Sabatta ‘F Labels’ T-Shirt – Black

Some of us just gotta rebel. It’s as natural as breathing. It’s in the blood. If you won’t be defined this might be the T-shirt for you! £15 (excluding shipping)


Sabatta ‘Hair Guitar’ T-Shirts

The Sabatta ‘Hair Guitar’ T-Shirt is a particularly popular choice among fans at gigs. The iconic logo of the band seems to strike a chord. 🙂 £15 (excluding shipping). Comes in Colours: White, Black, Red and Grey and Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Sabatta ‘Hair Guitar’ T-Shirt – White

Sabatta ‘Hair Guitar’ T-Shirt – Black

Sabatta ‘Hair Guitar’ T-Shirt – Red

Sabatta ‘Hair Guitar’ T-Shirt – Grey