Vocals/Guitar – Yinka Oyewole

Yinka Oyewole – Vocals/Guitar

‘I’m raw, but I’m a human being’

Yinka Oyewole - Guitar and Vocals

Yinka’s a little different. a little off, but hey that’s what helps create the music of Sabatta. As the front man and songwriter of the group there’s a lot of his shoulders – is that why he shakes his heads show much at live shows? Here are some of his selections:

3 Top Singer/Guitarists
Curtis Mayfield

3 Top songs (right now)
Jimi Hendrix – Room Fill Of Mirrors (Pail Gap Soundtrack)
Uncle Murda – Cam’ron Voice
QOSTA – I Sat By The Ocean

3 Top Albums (right now)
Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous
Outkast – Stankonia
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On?