Drums – Flipi Stipp

Flipi Stipp – Drums

‘Peace and Love’

Drummer Flipi Stipp is the latest addition to the Sabatta family. Born in Rio, currently lives in London. Along his career Flipi has played and recorded with several artists from Brazilian  rock’n’roll and pop-rock scenes.

These include Selvagens Procurando Lei, debut album of Trëmula, rock band with  2005 VMB Awards Best New Artist nominee Peu Souza. In this same period he conceived and recorded the drums for Brazilian rap-rock band Medulla first album, O Fim da Trégua, joining back the band in 2015 for the Tour do Sol gig. In between 2001 and 2014, he played, toured and recorded with multi platinum Brazilian pop singer Kiko Zambianchi and the list goes on…

And now with Sabatta the real fun begins!!!

Top 3 Drummers:
John Bonham
Dave Grohl
Topper Headon

Top 3 Songs:
When The Levees Brakes
Heart-shaped Box
London Calling

Top 3 Albums:
Led Zepellin – Fourth Album
Nirvana  – In Utero
The Clash – London Calling