Drums – Adriano Siani

Welcome to 3 for 3 where each members of Sabatta is asked 3 questions:
Their top 3 albums 2. Their top 3 songs. 3. Their top 3 musicians who play their instrument.  The

‘The Philosopher’s Stone(d)’

Drums - Adriano

Adriano Siani is a one off. Not only heavy on the drums but also heavy on the thoughts – a man with the some of the most profound thoughts but also the funniest quotables!

Adriano brings his Mediterranean rhythms (he’s an Italian native) to the band and blends grunge and stoner grooves with funk and soul seamlessly.

3 Top Drummers
Neil Peart – Rush
Tomas Haake – Meshuggah
Gavin Harrison – King Crimson

3 Top Songs
Pearl Jam – Jeremy
Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole
Yes – Roundabout



3 Top Albums
Pearl Jam – Ten
Rage Against The Machine – The Battle Of Los Angeles
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell