Yinka’s film debut hits NETFLIX! Watch the movie ‘A Moving Image’ from today Thurs 1 Oct 2020

Hey guys! This is Yinka from the band. Hope everybody’s well – shout out to all your families and friends – let’s stay strong in these crazy times! If you follow us on Instagram @therealsabatta you may have seen this but for those who haven’t I’m happy to announce to my feature film debut is now out on NETFLIX! From today Thurs 1 Oct 2020 you can see the film ‘A Moving Image’. The story, which follows a young woman’s return to her now gentrified ‘hood in Brixton, is pretty timely and I play a pivotal role in the movie. No Spoilers! I’d love to hear your feedback!

Also there’s a performance of the song ‘…Brooklyn’ which is available right on Bandcamp: sabatta.bandcamp.com/track/sometimes-these-south-london-streets-remind-me-of-brooklyn
Tomorrow is October is #BandcampFriday again so if you wanna buy something that’d be greatly appreciated too! Rock on and Stay Strong! \m/