Wicked Right Now from Misfit Music added to Round Trip’s ‘June Gems’

Round Trip

Wicked Right Now Track 2 from the new album Misfit Music was just added to the Round Trip community’s ‘June Gems’ playlist

Here’s more about Round Trip (click to visit the site):
Round Trip is a community with great love and passion for music. We try to promote and disclose artists, spread news, unveil new stuff and especially let you know about the best underground music. We feel like there are so many acts that deserve more attention.

We center ourselves on Heavy Rock music and derivates, such as Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal,Desert Rock, Fuzz Rock, Space Psych Rock, Progressive Rock, Acid Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Retro Rock, Post Rock/Metal, Garage Rock..

Our project aims to reach artwork artists, shows, festivals and essentially the music itself. If you are thirsty for good music, you can always find here a place to stop by.