Stellar Misfit Music album review by The Vinyl District!

An epic, energy-fuelled ride from start to finish, Misfit Music defies genres and expectations in all the best ways.’The Vinyl District - Misfit Music album review

This is one of those times when you feel a little bit of your faith is restored in humanity.
You definitely want people to like the your music but before they can do that they need to actually listen to it.

The reviewer here has taken the time to listen and digest Misfit Music and that means so much because of the time, energy and most of all passion that went into the making of this record. Sometimes if a person says ‘It’s Fire!’ with no explanation it’s as bad as them saying it’s trash with no actual examination of the songs. Either way you want to know the time has been taken to give a proper critique of what you have made.

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Misfit Music

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