Sabatta talk to Bandcamp Daily about new album Misfit Music and more!

Sabatta’s Misfit Punk is Built on a Deep Groove

Sabatta - Bandcamp Daily
Here’s an excerpt from this revealing interview focusing on the band’s origins and the new album ‘Misfit Music’:
‘We’re the opposite of Ronseal, we don’t do what it says on the tin. Many people see us and say, ‘I really wasn’t expecting that, I was expecting you to be doing jazz or reggae,’” says Dee. The feeling of dismissal that comes with these interactions is a reality for many black punk bands. The hurt is double-edged for Sabatta, who pride themselves on their unpredictable sound. Along with Dee, guitarist Yinka Oyewole can play scuzzy, stoner punk one moment, and horn-laden ’70s funk extravaganzas the next, all of them fused together by Oyewole’s primal screams. Think James Brown getting high with Dead Kennedys, with Living Colour popping along for the ride.’

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