SABATTA on the Musical Meanderings show Thurs 31 May 2018

Host of Musical Meadnerigns on PhoenixFM and good friend of Sabatta Graham Stannard says: ‘It was wonderful to hear the passion and excitement about this new chapter in their journey. You can hear it again here’

Sabatta on Musical Meanderings 31 May 2018

Check out the show below

Here is the playlist for 31st May 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
Six Months Of Sun – Riddle Of Steel (Below the Eternal Sky – 2018)
Sabatta – Scream Of Consciousness (Misfit Music – 2018)
1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
Sabatta – Go And Be Damned (Middle Of The Night)
Sabatta – Rock Star S**t (Misfit Music – 2018)
Sabatta – Emperor’s New Clothes (Emperor’s New Clothes – 2008)
Sabatta – Feel It Too (Misfit Music – 2018)
8 Motörhead – Too Late, Too Late (No Remorse – 1984)
Sabatta – Innocence (Misfit Music – 2018)
10 A Perfect Circle – So Long- And Thanks For All The Fish (Eat The Elephant – 2018)
11 The Sun Burns Bright – You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees (Through Dusk, Came The Light – 2018)

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