#MisfitMusic Inspirations #DavidBowie

MisfitMusic - Inspirations - David Bowie
To help give some insight into the sound of the upcoming #SABATTA album #MisfitMusic I’ve matched synonyms of the word #Misfit with the #musical #inspirations which I think suit them best – in no particular order.

Today we have #DavidBowie In many ways the quintessential English eccentric this boy from Brixton was a chameleon throughout his musical career undergoing several transformations. Whichever Bowie era is your preferred there’s sure to be one or you.

Below check out 3 killer tunes from the Thin White Duke #SpaceOddity #AshesToAshes #LetsDance (check them all out on the growing Sabatta Inspirations playlist here): http://spoti.fi/2Ecy4oI

Space Oddity

Ashes to Ashes

Let’s Dance