#MisfitMusic Inspirations #BlackSabbath

#MisfitMusic inspirations - Black Sabbath
To help give some insight into the sound of the upcoming #SABATTA album #MisfitMusic I’ve matched synonyms of the word #Misfit with the #musical #inspirations which I think suit them best – in no particular order.

Today we have #BlackSabbath
Once a blues band called Earth these four Brummies (natives of Birmingham, UK) changed their name to Black Sabbath and the rest they say is history. Did it go exactly like that? Probably not but however the details breakdown their influence through the heavier end of rock music has pervaded in way that only maybe Jimi Hendrix surpasses.

The reason I chose the synonym ‘deviant’ in this case is to reflect the controversy with which the band’s music was met in mainstream media for decades. Sabbath’s music dates back to the days Rock was considered dangerous in a way which Rap is now.

Though mainly subliminal the influence of these guys on Sabatta is probably most present in the song ‘Scream of Consciousness’ from the upcoming Sabatta album #MisfitMusic. Any similarities in terms of names are purely coincidental!

Three top tunes (check them all out on the growing Sabatta Inspirations playlist here): http://spoti.fi/2Ecy4oI

War Pigs

Sweet Leaf