#RealLifeMusic – ‘GUILLOTINE’ – Zimbabwe Coup: The breakup of the Beatles?

Whether you are new to  Sabatta music or just eager to know the lyrics for our songs (Yinka generally memorises his bars Jay-Z/Homer style and doesn’t write them down) this series called #RealLifeMusaic or #RLM fo  short, is for you. In the lead up to the release of the new Sabatta album in 2018 we’ve decided to highlight a number of tunes from the Sabatta Spotify playlist called ‘So Far, So Hard.’ In he series we put these songs in up to the minute context, relating them to current affairs!

Guillotine - 2017‘The Guillitone – the deadly instrument perhaps must associated with the ‘dethroning’ of monarchs since it’s use int he French Revolution

Yinka says ‘I write lyrics from life. That can include anything but it’s generally to do with the human condition, whether on a micro or macro level and because of that a lot of songs can be related to at different times and in different eras. Sometimes people tell me – you’re political. Actually I’d say I’m just observant, interested and aware. The way humans behave can be parallel in different situations – so if you write about interactions we’re all familiar in a way that resonates strongly enough those words can still apply in different contexts – Guillotine is a case in point.  The song was originally written to be more of an allegory – comparing the precarious nature of fame and individual’s untimely excision from it to the execution of French Revolution era monarchs. Just this week however we’ve seen a seemingly omnipotent leader deposed – obviously the sentiment of the song is directly appropriate.’

Zimbabwe: Is the Coup like the breakup of The Beatles?
Regicide is a crime that can carry the highest penalty but also the highest reward. When you couple that with the age old story of a choice between a man’s compatriots/confederates/comrades and a woman you have the makings of tale of intrigue on par with any fictional creation of Shakespeare or George R R Martin.

Break up of the Beatles
Is Grace Mugabe Yoko Ono breaking up the Beatles?

From Cleopatra to Helen Of Troy to Ginger McKenna in the movie Casino, a woman seen to be attempting access to power via a male lover/husband who holds the reigns has been seen by patriarchy as a the deadliest threat – whether in history or mythology. In this case the official line in is even that Mrs Mugabe was attempting to ‘usurp’ power. In some ways I’m quite surprised how few feminist opinions I have seen about this element. So is Grace Yoko Ono breaking up the Beatles? Whatever one’s feelings on the regime there is no doubt a plot has never been thicker!

Listen to Guillotine below:


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Read ‘Guillotine’ Lyrics (copyright © Yinka Oyewole) below:

Verse 1
They’re dragging you under they say you’ve been on top and it’s time that you move aside
Stealing your thunder, another young buck wanna trample over all your pride
Just one more headline, you know bad press is having no dman press at all
Reaching your deadline you didn’t feel that way when you made the one before you fall to…

The Guillotine (repeats)

Verse 2
You’re worshiping idols don’t you realise they’re all made of flesh and blood?
Fuck all the titles, they’re just more ways to drag your arse through the mud
You better watch out now they put you in the kennel with the dogs that are never fed
Having your doubts now, you might lose face but you better not lose your head to…

The Guillotine (repeats)

Now it’s time to mount those steps, To and award or is it death?
It’s hard to tell the two apart, how you suffer for you art
Watch the final curtain close, see the smiles from you foes
You know how the story goes – heads will roll!

Verse 3
Now that it’s over, you’re no longer a star of stage and screen
Can’t talk to noone but he tabloids ‘bout your innermost hopes and dreams
You mainline the mainstream, they turned you out proper just another media whore
Real life’s a daydream but don’t you realise you don’t get no encore from

The Guillotine (repeats)