5 Reasons why SABATTA is the best rock band from the UK you never heard of – yet! Amazing new article in Vulture Hound, UK!

An amazing new article on us has just been published by Vulture Hound Magazine!

Sabatta live at Aces and Eights 25 Jun 2016 'Thou Shalt Give No F***s'

It kicks off like this:

London ‘Grunge Soul’ 3 piece SABATTA are soon to be of those groups all your friends will be bragging about hearing of first. Don’t be left out – here’s 5 reasons why to check them and their album MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

Frontman Yinka has been called ‘the best guitarist in London!’…’

Get to know ‪#‎Sabatta‬ ‪#‎5Reasons Read the full article HERE

Our next show is on Sat 30 July at @Aces & Eights – NW5


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