*UPDATE* THIS IS GRUNGE SOUL! A Podcast in 3 parts hosted by Yinka – All 3 Parts

This is Grunge Soul - Front Cover Check out part 1 of the Podcasr THIS IS GRUNGE SOUL. It’s kind of a two pronged thing. On one hand it’s like an introduction to Sabatta’s music through our influences and peers that hopefully goes some way to explaining the kind of music we make in a way which words can’t describe. On the other hand it’s just a bloody good excuse to put some great tunes together like you would for a mixtape you’re making for yourself and your mates – which is basically what this is.

This Is Grunge Soul - back cover

Artist include: #Soundgarden, #Nirvana, #BlackSabbath, #ElvisCostello, #TheJam, #TheEquals, #OtisRedding, #SpencerDavisGroup, #IkeandTinaTurner, #TheBlackKeys, #TheDeadWeather, #TRex, #BadBrains and #Sabatta

Here is the playlist of the Podcast in 3 parts:

THIS IS GRUNGE SOUL by Yinka_Oyewole on Mixcloud

The new album Middle Of The Night – Out Now!
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