*UPDATE* Politician now on iTunes / Politician (Live) – Hello Goodbye Show (Resonance 104.4FM)


POLITICIAN (I’m Not A) – now on iTunes

Politician (I'm Not A) - iTunes

‘Ooh Baby I like it Raw!’ (Old Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya) So, so, so much fakery out there! So much! So many polished turds. But it’s all good because for this release we thought we’d keep it RAW. This a live video of our song Politician – released to coincide with the UK General Election on Thursday May 7 2015. We’ve included a stream of the studio version of the track which will be available for a limited time from now until Monday 11 May. We wanted to show what a real band sounds like, looks like, feels like We wanted to share that authentic energy. So here it is:

Posted by SABATTA on Thursday, May 14, 2015

This video is very DIY, very Punk – when it says live it means exactly that! No overdubs. This is what a band rocking out sounds like – real and raw. Since it’s a special occasion – for a limited time only – we’ve also included a link to album version song. Stream the super HD studio version (1411 kbps)
And this is what people are saying!
My Digital Drug Sounds epic!!! Awesome!!!!!
Beau Manghani cool jam!! diggin’ it!!
Mark You better be
Rust on a Statue Love this!!
Mojo3Pin great energy…reminds me on Pixies, in a GOOD way:)
SPOOKSHOW INC. good,catchy,expressive vocals and classic grunge guitar sound
thedanes The guitar section is great, vocals also sound great

Politician (I’m Not A) is from the album Middle Of The Night – Out Now!
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