R.I.P. Gary Moore – Another legend dies!

Gary Moore w/ Phil Lynott

I was about to upload a post for the Sabatta news this week when I heard some really bad news. Gary Moore, one/off guitarist for Thin Lizzy and long time Phil Lynott friend/rival/cohort has died – apparently in his sleep.

Thew news was reported by Hot Press here: http://www.hotpress.com/Gary%20Moore/news/Gary-Moore-1952–2011-dies-in-Spain/7492280.html

I was literally having a little birthday drink with some mates last week arguing about Gary Moore vs another Lizzy guitar genius Brian Roberston. I actually went with Roberston but there’s no denying Moore was incredible! Thin Lizzy are a huge influence on me, my elder brother was a big fan and I as a kid I got the bug from there – so it’s all his fault really!

Much love and condolences to Gary Moore’s family and friends who will miss him terribly, as will all fans of his music.

It’s weird but I’m really quite affected by this. So many musical legends have died in the last 5 years and it’s really quite depressing BUT the thing with music is it’s all about uplifting you. So let’s not mourn his death but celebrate his life!

Check some of videos of his playing:

Not sure if that’s himin the video but the backing track is him playing – he co wrote this one with Phil

Parisienne Walkways
One of my brothers favourites, I love this live version – his soloing here is immaculate

Don’t Believe a Word – Old Grey Whistle Test
I think this is my favourite clip. He’s busted the low e guitar string on his guitar but not only continues to play but plays his arse off! Crazy! People are SCARED to play like this these day – he had balls – they all did!

I really don’t think we appreciate how much we are lsoing wiht the passing of these guys – music and entertainment is so much more sanitised now and so much less ‘muso’ or musical. I think we need to keep the tradition of playing to the best of your ability alive as well as we can – now more than ever!

(PS – The weirdest thing about this for me is that I was in the supermarker and I was thinkng about Don’t Beleive a Word – so I got home and posted some lyrics on Twitter/Faceboook – then I foudn out he was dead. Strange)

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