New Music – Why Don’t You Call?/Zoning

Welcome to the first of a series of weekly posts of exclusive new music from the new SABATTA album Yinka Music Vol 1: Sex Power Death.

Cos it’s week one we’re even giving you an extra track! Check ’em out:

Why Don’t U Call (4.30)

Sabatta - Why Don't You Call?!

She’s says I’m arrogant, entirely uncouth, Unapproachable, almighty, aloof…

Sabatta – Why Don’t U Call?! by Sabatta

We’ve either been the one not making the call or the one waiting on it. Whether talking to friends, family or lovers those calls – important or just to say hi (actually those ARE the most important calls) often define the strength of our relationships. Apparently not calling can be a very big deal – so after being asked the question raf too many times to mention I wrote a song about it,

Zoning after the Jump…

Zoning (3.36)

Sabatta - Zoning
Caught up in this web of craziness, and you wonder why I blaze these spliffs?

Sabatta – Zoning by Sabatta

This song could be seen as purely being about kicking back, lighting one up and letting your mind roam free and just thinking about life. It’s what a LOT of people do at the end of a long crazy, day – of which there are many – especially in big cities. Living can often seem to be a struggle but that to me really isn’t what life is about, it’s about more than that it’s about trying to get into a zone where you can see beyond and have a vision to be and do more.

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